Arboreal: A Collection of Words from the Woods


Bringing together the finest, and best-known, names in contemporary writing, a new anthology that explores the many strands of what woodlands mean to us. Included is an essay titled ‘Alison’ by Madeline Bunting about a visit to the Alison Crowther studio. Madeline Bunting is a Guardian Columnist and associate director. We are very proud to be included in this wonderful book. You can find the essay below and more of Madeline’s writing here.

Madeline Bunting Essay featured in ‘Arboreal’


“Arboreal . . . resembles a thicket of ancient woodland — unruly and pulsing with life, full of surprises and beauty in both detail and the long view . . .”

“The more than 40 pieces by ecologists, educators, photographers, sculptors and writers, are highly diverse. Their common starting point is that the perceptions, memories and imagination of individuals matter, and that without wonder and reflection, research and action are blind and blundering.”

Natural history: Voices from the greenwood. Review by Caspar Henderson. Nature: 538, pp. 314–315, 20 October 2016.