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Selected to join the Royal British Society of Sculptors

We are delighted to have been selected to join the Royal British Society of Sculptors. The RBS is an independent, artist led organisation that promotes high professional and creative standards among sculptors/artists. All RBS members are established, professional artists who make sculpture as a significant part of their practice, whose work contributes to the language of sculpture and who can demonstrate a high level of expertise, experience and contemporary understanding.

You can find my member portfolio here.

Arboreal: A Collection of Words from the Woods


Bringing together the finest, and best-known, names in contemporary writing, a new anthology that explores the many strands of what woodlands mean to us. Included is an essay titled ‘Alison’ by Madeline Bunting about a visit to the Alison Crowther studio. Madeline Bunting is a Guardian Columnist and associate director. We are very proud to be included in this wonderful book. You can find the essay below and more of Madeline’s writing here.

Madeline Bunting Essay featured in ‘Arboreal’


“Arboreal . . . resembles a thicket of ancient woodland — unruly and pulsing with life, full of surprises and beauty in both detail and the long view . . .”

“The more than 40 pieces by ecologists, educators, photographers, sculptors and writers, are highly diverse. Their common starting point is that the perceptions, memories and imagination of individuals matter, and that without wonder and reflection, research and action are blind and blundering.”

Natural history: Voices from the greenwood. Review by Caspar Henderson. Nature: 538, pp. 314–315, 20 October 2016.

Crafts Council ‘Collect’ exhibition with Flow Gallery

New benches titled ‘Passage I’ and ‘Passage II’  are to be exhibited  with Flow Gallery as part of the Crafts Council’s ‘Collect’ exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, London. The exhibition runs from the 2nd – 6th February. Tickets and further information can be found here.

collect-1 collect-2 collect-3

Flow gallery will feature a selection of artworks that examine shape, pattern, and texture within a monochrome palette. The shapes of the handmade objects are graphic and bold with expressive mark-making within the disciplines of ceramic, glass, wood, mixed media”

The Amber Sphere

The sphere carved from one solid oak burr was delivered safely direct from the studio to a private garden near Girona, in the hills above Barcelona, Spain.













The burr took the best part of last year to carve. The process was described brilliantly by author, Madeleine Bunting, in her evocative essay about a visit to the studio in the recently published woodland anthology ‘Arboreal – A Collection of New Woodland Writing‘:

” The immense ball of the oak burr was fiendishly complex to carve; its surface was riven by deep crevices bulging with the boiling mass of wood nodules”

Madeline Bunting Essay featured in ‘Arboreal’


Giant Oak Sphere Installed

With the help of Mtec we installed the second oak sculpture of this private commission in glorious Spring sunshine earlier this month.


The timber sourced for the commission came from the Cowdray Estate, West Sussex, a giant oak that had been felled because of dropping damaged limbs.


We were able to carve two spheres from the butt – one is positioned inside the house and the other outdoors, in the garden. This creates a visual play with scale from arrival into the entrance space of the house dominated by the first 1.5m diameter sphere with a view right through the house and out into the garden to where the second, even bigger ( at 1.8m diameter ) sphere sits.

Hoping to get photographer, Jacqui Hurst on site later in the spring to record these pieces professionally!



IMG_3382 IMG_3379

Chef’s Table at The Shard

In December of last year we installed a further commission at The Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard. We were approached to design a special ‘Chef’s Table’ to seat diners as part of a whole unique dining experience.

The three part table has a meandering carved wall of wood as a base, with minimal stainless steel supports for a ‘quartz’ table suChefs Table at Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London (1)rface that contains tiny shards of chromium.

Chefs Table at Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London (6)

Hearts of Oak exhibition catalogue


The Hearts of Oak exhibition e-catalogue is now available. It documents the recent show at The Bedales Gallery, Hampshire, and many of the sculptures are for sale.

To download the e-catalogue from the homepage, click on the gallery of the exhibition, and then click at the bottom of the first page where it says, ‘ Many of these sculptures are for sale download the catalogue‘.

You can also get there by clicking on the ‘enquiries invited’ tab at the top of the homepage, and selecting ‘Hearts of Oak Exhibition’.

Hearts of Oak – exhibition introduction


An exert from this terms 'Bedales Arts' brochure

An excert from this terms ‘Bedales Arts’ brochure

Landscape Magazine Article

This article was included in the Spring 2015 edition of ‘Landscape’ magazine.


Hearts of Oak at The Bedales Gallery

This Autumn we are showing 50 small pieces at The Bedales Gallery, Bedales School, Hampshire. The exhibition will also show large images of some of the substantial commissions we have completed over the last decade, along with a selection of my sketch books, where ideas and designs evolve.

See invitation below.

An introduction to the exhibition as it appears in the Bedales Arts brochure has been added to ‘Publications’.