UAP Shanghai

Urban Art Projects are producing a couple of Alison’s designs to be placed at the Global Harbor Hyatt in Shanghai. Alison was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to fly out to Shanghai this week to see UAP’s set up and check on the fabrication process.

UAP metal working workshop

UAP collaborate with artists, designers and architects to produce public art works. They have some very exciting upcoming projects including work with the architecture firm Zaha Hadid and they were in the process of fabricating, Australian artist, Lindy Lee’s mesmerising, stainless steel sculptures while Alison was there.

Alison and Mr Xu carving

Chinese carving chisels

Lunch in Mr Xu’s workshop

Alison had the opportunity to work in Mr Xu’s wood workshop while in Shanghai, during which they were able to exchange knowledge and carving techniques. Mr Xu’s workshop is full of incredibly talented woodworkers producing heritage pieces for temples alongside contemporary art work. The trip to Shanghai has been inspiring and we’re very excited for the next stages in the project!

Model produced at Alison Crowther studio for UAP

Global Harbor Hyatt – watch this space!

Fresh Air Sculpture Show 2017

We will be back at the Fresh Air Sculpture Show in June 2017. The sculpture show is set in the stunning gardens at the Old Rectory, in Quenington. Earlier in the year, an acacia tree fell at the Old Rectory and we have recycled the tree to create two entirely new pieces for this year’s show. The resurrected forms will be exhibited meters from where the tree originally stood.

We had a lot of fun charring the sculptures which has created a beautiful, silvered, textured finish on the piece. You can see photos of the charring process below.

The Fresh Air Sculpture Show runs from the 11th June – 2nd July. All the artist’s work will be on sale from £50 – £50,000.

Fallen acacia at Quenington

Fallen acacia at Quenington

Acacia burn – Fresh Air Sculpture Show 2017

Acacia burn – Fresh Air Sculpture Show 2017

Acacia burn – Fresh Air Sculpture Show 2017

‘Sculptors 1986 – 2016’ by Anne Purkiss

Anne Purkiss Photography

We are delighted to be included in Anne Purkiss new book titled Sculptors 1986 – 2016. The book is a collection of intimate portraits of sculptors taken over a period of three decades. Some of the artists included are Tony Cragg, David Nash and Andy Goldsworthy. To coincide with the publication of the book Anne has an exhibition opening at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The exhibition is open until 4th June 2017.

Anne Purkiss Yorkshire Sculpture Park Press Release

Wood Planet Magazine feature

We are delighted to have a full, multiple page feature in Wood Planet Magazines January 2017 edition.

It is all in Korean, here’s a PDF of the article.

Wood Planet – Alison Crowther


Urban Art Project

We are excited to be working with Urban Art Projects again, this time at Global Harbor Hyatt in Shanghai. Here is a sneak peak of some of the potential designs to be developed.

Lobby sketches for Global Harbor Hyatt, Shanghai

Lobby sketches for Global Harbor Hyatt, Shanghai











Lobby sculpture for Global Harbor Hyatt Shanghai

In 2011/2012 Urban Art Projects placed hand-crafted benches in Phoenix City, Beijing. Fabricated by UAP in China and designed by Alison Crowther.