Scale Tree

The design and texture for The Scale Tree have been approved by Visual Arts Projects and the Chinese client so we are ready to get started on the full size sculpture. The Scale Tree is going to be 5m high with a diameter of 1.5m. Hand carved from unseasoned English oak sourced from Leconfield Estate, 20mins from Alison Crowther Studio.

Alison carving the Scale Tree model

Scale Tree vertical model

Alison carving Scale Tree texture

Once completed, The Scale Tree will sit vertically inside the entrance lobby of a building in Shenzhen Bay. Two smaller sculptures, titled Scale Tree II and Scale Tree III, will be placed at the opposite side the entrance lobby. Phil, Gareth and Guy have been preparing the pieces in the workshop ready to start carving.

Guy carving The Scale Tree texture sample

Phil and Gareth at the workshop

Gareth arborteching

We received the 6m oak log weighing over 10 tonne, from Leconfield Estate, for The Scale Tree at the workshop today!

The Scale Tree – Unseasoned English Oak